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Swamiji Seams Magic…!

Le 14 June 2016, 07:18 dans Humeurs 0

All Indian and yet International! All those wondrous detailed works on t-shirts, trousers and shirts, accessories et el. are made in India but with a French connection. Finally now, Indian men have access to clean- cut anytime comfort wear!


It is India’s pride and privilege that an Indian buying house is responsible for dressing up the crème-de-la-crème of the international fashion arena. Not so long ago some of the globe’s highly respected fashion brands like Burberry, Kenzo and DKNY depended on Christian Fabre to source the best for them from India.  


Christian Fabre meets international market requirement constituting of a wide range of knit, woven, leather apparel and accessories. Presently their customer bandwidth spreads across fashion houses of DDP, Kaporal, Jules and many others.

It is only fitting that Swamiji Christian Fabre get this ode, a tad late, nevertheless, get one he must. He is the man behind the scenes of the brand CHRISTIAN FABRE.


Monsieur Christian Fabre was the chosen one by a corporate house in France to set up office in India, 40 plus years ago. He was in a tizzy with surprises at every street corner as he found himself in the land of mystics. Today he calls India his home.

Later sometime he received ‘Deeksha’ which means "an initiation” by the guru in Hindu religion. Since then he is addressed as ‘Swamiji.’

His ideologies based on socio-economic theories found him empathising with society at large which in course of time translated to an ashram. The ashram today, is a centre of sustenance for village folks around it. He tirelessly continues to be a humanitarian worker, empowering people of surrounding villages as also spreading words of social harmony and environmental protection.

Dreams do invoke the roads to achievements. Vision, focus, well-co-ordinated efforts and patience had brought about this significant style house.By virtue of its international clientele, Christian Fabre has taken the leap to share mainstream men’s fashion wear from its indigenous design house. A young breed of talented Indian designers put their work together with conviction at the design studio. The team gets to showcase an ‘au courant’ fashion wear for international fashion brands during various seasons.


“Swamiji is all about understanding, sensitivity, humaneness and humility” is the chorus from his colleagues. Freedom to take ownership of the business in entirety makes this brand a successful one.  

This is the story of evolution @ the style house of Christian Fabre!

Cool Summer Dressing!

Le 14 June 2016, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0


104°F by day and 96°F by night!  That’s Indian summer! It’s scorching and is unbearable at times. All Indian schools close for summer vacation in order to beat the heat and the neighbourhood swimming pools get busy with children loving a splash. There is no walking the thin lines where clothing is concerned this season.  It’s got to be the bare minimum comfort wearin cool colours.  

This is the time when one needs to use up SPF creams and sun tan lotions.  This is the time for sunglasses and sun hats. Summer is the time to grab those fruity cold shakes & soups, cold coffees and the traditional Indian drink, ‘Thandai’. This is the time to have multiple baths, choose the perfect deo & after shave and find lighter shades of clothing. This is the time to get to higher altitudes and feel the cool mountain air.

In all sensibilities our closets must be replaced with breezy, lightweight whites, tans, Khakis and aqua that are comfortable to wear. The world famous Madras checked shirt is a great pick for this season. What you wear is what you feel and the lighter the colour shades, the better. As events unfold on hot summer days, go on and bring out those whites, off –whites, pastel coloured single weaves and knits.

The cut and fit can be a personal choice. As temperatures rise, it will be important to encourage air circulation with slightly loose garments in single weave since perspiring degrees can get high. Make an effort to choose natural fibres. Cottonwould be ideal to wave off heat. Single woven cotton has been ever-trusted, time- tested for summer months. I call it the ‘breathing material’. It’s durable, less expensive, and is available in vibrant colours.    

Men’s corporate wear is universal. Hot weather corporate dressing is absolutely acceptable with half an inch loose fit short or rolled up sleeves shirt being paired up with a lightweight neatly fitted formal trouser. A good tie and a clean dial watch to accessorise, give the needed look that completes the official attire for summer.   

Camel shorts with a crew –neck Tee worn with a pair of boat shoes is elegant for busy summer days. Summer time calls for light and clean dressing that spell understatement and constant freshness. Extensively washed light weight Jeans, Chinos and Shorts, are good summer wears.

Shorts can be tailored about 2-3 inches above the knee and are mostly worn with tees and sandals in the hot weather. But do remember that shorts are not acceptable for all occasions and may be kept aside for week-ends and casual evenings. For a sophisticated dress –up, shorts can be worn with tucked-in Polo shirts and belt. Keep your toe nails neatly trimmed if wearing sandals. Lightweight Canvas sneakers or boat shoes are good for a stylish appeal.


A bottle of water, facial tissues and a change of clothes for a quick freshen –up will be handy on a summer day.

Romancing the Ocean…

Le 14 June 2016, 06:23 dans Humeurs 0


It’s humbling to view the ocean swell from my terrace. Each capture is a canvas. The gorgeous taste of salt in the air, that sense of freedom, that tug of romance, I am left reminiscing. By the bay…Life is a breeze!


‘This is a Lifestyle experience’ beams my cousin about my abode by the beach. David is a protagonist of sorts and exudes a style that is distinctly dress down and classy.Syncing in with the latest in fashion comes naturally to this charming dude.  CHRISTIAN FABRE, David says, is back and this season the cuts are young, energetic, happening in varied hues and truly international. The French flavours infused within are the works of conviction by highly talented and enthused Indian designers.


The delectable seafood platter that I tossed up was most enjoyable with the exciting knowledge transfer from David on fashionista life-cycle. Can’t remember of a more relaxed afternoon in a long time!


I am used to easy dressing and my good looking cousin sheepishly confessed to taking a cue from my dressing sense. Well… whatever…! I am one combatting more trivial battles like cleaning up my car that has collected fine sand from being by the ocean.

In retrospection, to live by the ocean is not for a neat freak.  

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