Mr. Christian R. Fabre, the Founder/Director of Christian Fabre Textiles Pvt. Ltd., a reputed buying agent in Chennai, is a French national with great admiration towards Fashion, has triumphed in the field of Fashion, Garment manufacturing and outsourcing in the last four decades. He is one of the pioneers who have brought the European Fashion garment trade to our country.


This company has been catering several European label such as high Fashion brands - Kenzo, Burberry; popular brands - DDP, OXBOW, Desigual and buyers with huge volumn like Jules, Promod and so on for a wide range of products in knits, woven, leather apparel and accessories.


After having successfully established the International business, Mr. Fabre spotted the potentiality of the blooming Indian Market, ventured into it and thus emerged this Men’s street-wear brand “CHRISTIAN FABRE” blossomed.


Being a European and having catered to the big Fashion brands of Europe for decades has influenced the brand and shows-off well with the elegance European vogue and drizzle of Indian spice.


Mr. Fabre, know as Swami Pranavanda in India, a humble monk, runs a hermitage in the Kolli Hills south of Chennai. The place which helps him contemplate and unite his concept of living.


He has coffee and pepper plantation, which helps in the livelihood of the nearby village. His intension is neither to make money nor to preach about his religion, but much interested in the welfare of all those  acquainted with him.