‘Table-reservation is a must, trim that beard, clean hair, clipped & clean nails, clean teeth & fresh breath…check! Check! Check!’ was my repeated sound off to my twenty year old son who seemed all composed as he planned his first date. Rhea seemed a pleasant girl with cheerful disposition and I so wanted the evening to be memorable for both the youngsters.

‘Of course I know what dating is all about Maa’ said my teenage son way back when he was fourteen as my brows lifted to reach my widow’s peak. No, they are not mavericks when they speak so, it’s just times, and they are a changing. Accept. Conversations with my son had its phases of happy – bitter- sweet then and maintain pretty much the same tone today. Only now, the level is mellow and stress –free, with teenage years left behind.  

Preparation with appearances and attire do matter for that first date just as it is important to prepare for important meetings and interviews. Dates call for special attention to dressing, from no fuss comfort wear, to the mild cologne down to the footwear. Some of us might already have a closet of appropriate garments while some might need to go about it. These are a few of my sound tips on ‘Date’-ready attire.

Rising to the occasion and presenting yourself well shows that your date is important and that you respect her. Showing that you care about your appearance, highlights the fact that you are organised. A good first impression is key. Remember, what you wear should reflect your personality, so be true to yourself.

Fitted shirt with Denim jeans or chinos in varied colours paired with good leather shoes work very well.  Go for a well-tailored jacket or a blazer for a smart look. Suits and ties are avoidable. It’s a big no- no from me to shorts or sweatpants for date evenings. Wear your style because your clothing will translate into your body language. Keeping it simple and classic in timeless fashion accentuates your personality.  

Smart shoes always score points. A good pair of boots instantly boosts confidence levels while making you stand an inch taller.

Polishing up on your etiquette is a big plus. Feel good and take care to keep the vibe comfortable. Take a leaf out of the chivalry book and open the door for the lady. These efforts do not go unnoticed and your mom scores marks here for having taught you how to treat ladies.  


Put that hand phone on silent. Be there on time to receive the empress. This is her evening and you ought to make it memorable.