Back home after a strenuous day of work, just stopped for a while to admire my little son’s doodle that he left behind before jumping onto his bed. Those little strokes and curves, though not perfect yet boggled my mind. This kept me wondering, how much some small pictures that he had seen could influence this little mind. Such innocent thoughts and great professionalism has brought us this new Fashion brand CHRISTIAN FABRE.


The principal asset for CHRISTIAN FABRE is its design capability. For more than two decades, they have been developing designs, print artworks and so on, for most of the International brands that we cater and were effective in increasing the sales for our buyer.  Below are few such prints that were among the best sellers for the respective brands.


Our designers, with their own inspiration, create designs that are in line with the current trends and respective mood boards of each brand. This not only improves our performance, but helps the buyer have an additional range in their collection.


The concepts of each brand and the exposure to the European Fashion market helps our designers envision more precisely.


The immense understanding and excellent knowledge of our innovative designers in this field of infinite inspirations has brought in great significance to our brand CHRISTIAN FABRE.

Each design created is distinctive and has its own influence on the end customer.


Contemporary styling with innovative looks is guaranteed!!!


Without demand!!!