The days have been consumed, the week engulfed! Finally the weekend begins to the DJ’s beats!   


Clubs have been a constant across cultures notwithstanding evolution over time. A city, they say, is judged by the night life it ensures.


Those in the know are wise to understand a chat with an old friend on a sunny Sunday morning affirming that life is indeed paradise in an old style sit-out garden. Of course, the evening choice of a bigger interior is a welcome refuge, complete with coffee, beverages music and best buddies.Clubbing is the language of leisure. It makes for some pretty interesting interactions.

My neighbourhood has just got hipper with ‘The Beehive’ being the new night spot. This night space is a room full of young and suave style blenders looking to be noticed, who can't sit still and are eager for the next big rush. It’s fashionable to step in here to unwind time uninterrupted. The mood is upbeat and the air is a buzzing cacophony where everybody knows everybody…almost. Definition of ‘noise’ here may be in the ear of the beholder!   


A lazy glance around the room lets me into the trendily dressed men and women. Most of the men, I notice seem to have followed fashion to T. There is creativity in the way some self-coloured scarves have been used. Designer glasses are seen rested on noses. Smart casual of chinos and derby shoes spell style in the atmosphereSomehow, Club evenings are cool with short -sleeved shirts. They have an old world charm to them. Slim fit Plain, plaid and checked shirts look fabulous as a short sleeve variant.


Clean looks, comfortable dressing, and oodles of confidence do the trick while clubbing.


Over light banter and an excellent piece of karaoke by the young gentleman, I munch up some crispy nachos with blue cheese dip. There is an array of beverages and salads to choose from at ‘The Beehive’. The Tandoori Chicken, barbecue beans and potato wedges typically tickle the taste buds. With a great dessert of pear sorbet with cognac, crème brûlée with ginger, my evening seems heavenly. The staffs here are friendly and ever present.



It’s Full Marks for ‘The Beehive’ from me!




Note:  Eligible age to enter clubs is 18 years and above.