You are highly deserving of that appointment letter. You have been well rewarded for your meticulous preparation and hard work. Your career is being launched. Our team congratulates you!

It's important to put some thought into what you would wear once you are ushered into the professional cycle of life. Choosing appropriate workplace attire can be tricky, especially when you are just out of university and on the threshold of your first job. Making that checklist seems as exciting as also nerve -wracking.

A paradigm shift of mind-set is required here and I call it ‘cleansing of the wardrobe’.  It demands magnanimity to do away with piles of your favourite comfort wear and settle in for professional clothing. First rule is personal clean grooming and ironed clothes. I would attribute 25% to dressing, 25% to conduct, 25% to knowledge and 25% to confidence for that feel good factor in an office environment.

Formal wear varies with industries. While exceptions are marked for other professions, typically lawyers, financial wizards, politicians and academicians are expected to be dressed in suits all day. However, the general thumb rule for men would be suit with tie, paired with solid-coloured dress shirt. Neutral colours with conservative pair of footwear and belt to match would complement the dressing. Don’t forget to do the shoe shine daily! Downplay the accessories with a smart watch. Take a friend along for shopping.

Keep away the colourful wrist bands for evenings with friends.   

Similarly, perhaps, it would be wise to take note of Business casuals, the new office dress code that is catching up with modern emphasis on work – Life balance. Corporates are now permitting relaxed and comfortable wear with a belief that this freedom brings out the productive best from their workforce.

Business casuals are a mix of the personal with the professional. The key here is to maintain a professional persona even if you are not in a suit or tie. Friday casuals have been widely accepted as Business casuals. Traditional business clothing is being superseded by a more casual clothing style with neat, pressed, clean, crisp seams. Some organisations allow their employees to wear Jeans.Khakis, corduroy pants, linen or even semi-casual pants in hues of black, grey, navy as also off-whites are great options.

You are the chosen one to represent your organization, so button-up and get that smart work- appropriate looks, no matter what day of the week!