All Indian and yet International! All those wondrous detailed works on t-shirts, trousers and shirts, accessories et el. are made in India but with a French connection. Finally now, Indian men have access to clean- cut anytime comfort wear!


It is India’s pride and privilege that an Indian buying house is responsible for dressing up the crème-de-la-crème of the international fashion arena. Not so long ago some of the globe’s highly respected fashion brands like Burberry, Kenzo and DKNY depended on Christian Fabre to source the best for them from India.  


Christian Fabre meets international market requirement constituting of a wide range of knit, woven, leather apparel and accessories. Presently their customer bandwidth spreads across fashion houses of DDP, Kaporal, Jules and many others.

It is only fitting that Swamiji Christian Fabre get this ode, a tad late, nevertheless, get one he must. He is the man behind the scenes of the brand CHRISTIAN FABRE.


Monsieur Christian Fabre was the chosen one by a corporate house in France to set up office in India, 40 plus years ago. He was in a tizzy with surprises at every street corner as he found himself in the land of mystics. Today he calls India his home.

Later sometime he received ‘Deeksha’ which means "an initiation” by the guru in Hindu religion. Since then he is addressed as ‘Swamiji.’

His ideologies based on socio-economic theories found him empathising with society at large which in course of time translated to an ashram. The ashram today, is a centre of sustenance for village folks around it. He tirelessly continues to be a humanitarian worker, empowering people of surrounding villages as also spreading words of social harmony and environmental protection.

Dreams do invoke the roads to achievements. Vision, focus, well-co-ordinated efforts and patience had brought about this significant style house.By virtue of its international clientele, Christian Fabre has taken the leap to share mainstream men’s fashion wear from its indigenous design house. A young breed of talented Indian designers put their work together with conviction at the design studio. The team gets to showcase an ‘au courant’ fashion wear for international fashion brands during various seasons.


“Swamiji is all about understanding, sensitivity, humaneness and humility” is the chorus from his colleagues. Freedom to take ownership of the business in entirety makes this brand a successful one.  

This is the story of evolution @ the style house of Christian Fabre!