Travel is to the travel enthusiast as dressing is to the fashionable as food is to the foodie.

Reaching destinations of interest across geographical distances is a personally satisfying experience. The advent of travel brings forth a rush and excitement in anticipation of something new and what lies ahead.

Travel is an inspiration in both business and personal life. It’s the universal teacher, which throws experiences at us that enriches our lives, each time we take that outbound. The sights and sounds of breath-taking landscapes, cultures and languages, climate, food and design sensibilities are memoirs for years to come.


Passion to discover new places and covering the miles require planning. A traveller must in particular, look into airline tickets, visa papers, travel insurance, currency, hotel bookings and weather conditions. Observations, however small, will mitigate hurdles that might arise out of the blue. Trips planned well in advance prepares for a hassle free journey.


Long hours in flights, roadways or railroad can be exhausting. Comfort dressing makes for effortless travel. Travel pants and fitted sweatpants are trendy and comfortable for travel. Sweatshirts will be handy, as airplanes tend to get nippy inside. A quick spritz with a little cologne at journey's end helps to freshen up.

Be it the beaches, the wildlife or business travel, choose clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.

Business meetings demand a dress code. Carry lightly woven clothes that pack well. Do invest on some anti-wrinkle wears specifically for travel. Good grooming is necessary while meeting a client. Mints are a solution for fresh breath. A formal pair of shoes and tie is a must. Always pack an extra outfit for surprise occasions, like dinner at the boss’s house.

For Leisure travel, neutral clothes with a bit of colour accessorizing will give that stylish bling. Take along a few pairs of light fitted shirts or t-shirts. Jeans, Chinos and shorts are the ones you must pack in your suitcase. Typically ‘mix n match’ your clothes keeping in mind the number of travel days. That way overweight baggage is avoided.  Slip-on shoes are easy to wear and take off. Never wear new shoes on a trip. Those shoe bites can spoil all the fun.


Travel with light luggage. The portable and collapsible kind with ample room for collectibles on the way back home is most convenient. Unintentional faux pas happens due to lack of travel checklist.

While on a travel, sport that sunshine smile! It does take you the distance!